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Our Story

In 2015, our founders Pastor Ben and Pastor Tom were called to help people in need in North Philadelphia. Each week they served hot dogs to homeless men and women. Through this simple outreach, Ben and Tom were able to minister to the forgotten. They prayed with the weary, comforted the sad, and provided friendship to the lonely.


These simple actions inspired others to join their efforts and The Table Ministry was born.

The mission was clear. To offer food, clothing, healthcare information, and transportation to treatment programs to the homeless and addicted. 


We are proud to say that in our eight years of serving the community and sharing the love of Christ, The Table ministry has had countless opportunities to partner with other organizations, to train groups to do this truly impactful work and to encourage other like-minded folks to serve in an effort to reach as many souls as possible. 


The Table in Philadelphia has become a model for this work and has inspired others that share in our core values: to love, serve, care and to work to expand the kingdom of God through action. 


The Table Ministry is now in it's eighth year and serving the homeless in various locations

including Philadelphia; Camden, NJ; Patterson, NJ; Virginia and the Dominican Republic. Each site serves well over 100 people each week and is managed by team members and volunteers.


It's more than food!

"Man shall not live by bread alone..." - Matthew 4:4

Our Outreach

The Table Ministry provides food, clothing, healing options, transportation to rehabs, and much more to our friends (as we call the folks we serve on the street). 

Every weekend, we open theTables in our different locations and feed the needy. We meet their physical needs with food; we offer prayers; we give them an option for treatment and transportation if necessary to receive help at hospitals and or recovery programs. 

When weather permits, we wash our friends'  hair and provide haircuts because we realize that these simple acts can make a big difference. For folks that may go a long time without  the opportunity for these basic personal care needs being met, a simple wash and cut can truly lift their spirits.


We also offer "the sneaker exchange" which is a chance for our friends to exchange their old sneakers for a newer, gently used pair. We take this opportunity to wash their feet and, with the support and guidance of medical professionals that have partnered with us, we provide basic wound care.

The volunteers that serve at the table come from many walks of life including some that have had some personal experience with addiction or have had or still have family members/loved ones who are lost and living in the streets. We are committed to serving as a support system for families confronting these situations.

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