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There's no much difference between any of us and the people that we're serving. By the grace of God we know that God is there for us. We can get on our knees, we can pray, and He's there with freedom and salvation; our friends don't know that, and I think that's why we're out there. It's not just giving them meal.


Sarita Prout, The Table in Camden, NJ

I talk to you more than anyone else.

Our Friend Michael, The Table in Camden, NJ

Has been a unbelievable experience to hear the testimonies of people that make the decision to change their life, to go to rehab, is probably the most satisfying experience that you can achieve.

I congratulate Pastor Ben Rosario for the vision, for the tenacity, for the passion that he has for this Ministry.

Eileen and Minister Samuel Rosario, Partners of The Table Ministry

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